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OSHA’s Big Change: What Does It Mean For You?

The United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has significantly changed the way that workplace injuries are reported and accounted for. Essentially, workplace injuries and illnesses are now required to be submitted by employers for online publication to a public website. In the past, this information was only revealed to OSHA […]

Aircraft Fleet Managers and Their Critical Role in Procuring and Maintaining Aviation Insurance

An Aircraft Fleet Manager is directly responsible for all items relevant to the administration and quality control of the fleet. They must supervise and manage the day-to-day activities including aircraft maintenance, flight crews, training, scheduling, dispatch and compliance with regulations. In addition, and equally important to the above, is that Aircraft Fleet Managers need to […]

Disaster Planning: Thinking the Unthinkable

Our experience has shown that the most effective way any complex organization can protect itself against loss is through a comprehensive risk management program. And a critical component of this program should be the development of a Disaster Plan – a clearly thought through, well written plan that outlines how your corporation would continue if it suffered a catastrophic loss such as fire, wind- storm or other major loss.

Are Independent Contractors Putting Your Operation at Risk?

Aircraft operators with independent contractors are exposed to three key liabilities: tax, workers’ compensation, and perhaps most potentially devastating, lawsuits arising from bodily injuries or wrongful death of the independent contractor pilot. Identifying and understanding the risks will help you steer clear of the financial pitfalls.

Cyber Threats and Liability: A Close and Critical Look.

Cyber insurance is simply a must in today’s world where security breaches are commonplace, even among the most well protected companies. The ugly reality is that cyber-attacks result in the loss of hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars, not to mention the immeasurable loss of a company’s reputation. The magnitude and reality of […]

Workers’ Compensation

In the blur of what’s required to run a business these days, executives often make the mistake of placing some important duties on the same level as an annual physical or a tune up for their cars. They’re important things to do, but once completed they can be forgotten until next year.

Employment Practices: Liability

The vast majority of businesses are not insured for employment practices liability exposures. The problem has developed so quickly and is so complicated that many simply aren’t aware of the real exposures that exist. We will be working closely with you to help manage and insure these risks cost effectively.